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At Family Bites Travel we SHARE our family travels so you can:

  • Learn the real-life tips and tricks to make your TRAVEL BETTER
  • See how to have ETHICAL TRAVELS
  • Apply epic TRAVEL HACKS‚Äč
  • Actually, SAVE MONEY on family travel.
  • Laugh at our hilarious  TRAVEL FAILS
  • Get INSPIRED by pretty pictures

Family Bites Travel is our family travel blog. It chronicles our extended gap-year and adventures around Asia. We are finding our global village, living life and hope to make the world a better place through social responsibility. By sharing our adventures, we hope to inspire families to get out and see the world and to travel with kids!

How we can help you?

We recommend!

We travel with our family, often! It can be hard to get accommodation that is big enough for a family! We use Airbnb constantly. 

Destination guides

What region of the world talks to you? Listen to what your heart desires. If your children are old enough, involve them in the decision making. Where in the world do you want to go? Where do they want to go?

Best Family Holiday Destinations in Asia


I will be adding new destination guides often, so do check back regularly.

Should you travel with kids?

The short answer is a resounding “YES!”. It is not uncommon to meet resistance from those around you when you chose to travel with kids, particularly if you go overseas with your children.

The most common reply I get is, “You are insane to travel with kids!” when I say I travel as a solo-parent, long-term whilst worldschool my three young children. That, followed closely by, “where is your husband?”. I used to get very annoyed, now I have a giggle.  Most people go automatically to fear or judgment when you live your life differently to theirs. Ironically, traveling would be the perfect solution to alter their narrow views. I am here to show you that if you want to travel, even as a solo-parent – if I can do it – anyone can!

I will share all the best family travel tips I have learned by traveling full-time. I have done the heavy lifting, so to speak!! We can show you how to easily plan the best family vacations.

Luckily, I have lots of travel hacks to show you how to have the best family vacations on a budget. Any budget, from ultra-budget living like a local to the ultimate family luxury escapes, and everything in between.

Do not let excuses quash your desires to travel. Travel does not have to end because you now have little people in the mix, or due to low budget, or due to the multitude of reasons I used to stop following my heart. If you want to travel with kids, let me show you how.


If you are not sure if travel with kids is worth it, keep reading, we are here to inspire. Maybe your family vacation fits into the following?

You desire the Best Value all-inclusive 5-star resort?

Don’t we all! We have experienced some of best resorts in the world and have even reviewed some of them!

You want to get to know the country and live like a local?

We love to do this too! The majority of our travel is like this. We have now lived in 4 countries for many months. You get to know the best way to save money and where you need to pay attention!

You have an affinity for animals and want to have ethical animal experiences!

Leopards, tigers and bears? Oh, my! We got you covered! We have seen leopards, elephants, sloth bears, dolphins, monkeys, and soooo many more beautiful creatures. We share how to ethically experience these animal experiences in the real world.

You love ecotourism destinations and sustainable travel!

This is our purpose and goals in life! So, let us be your spirit animal and share all we have learned so far!

You might need a family trip to unwind with massages and wine, but need a place for your kids to go like, kids clubs?

Let’s be best friends! As I travel full-time with our kids – I have searched for the best family-friendly resorts and hotels. My boys help me review the kid’s clubs!

You might still have a boob-barnacle but want to still travel with a baby!?

I feel you! My boobs feel you. We can make it happen together. Let me show you how easy it is to travel with a baby.

You might have a small dictator in your midst. yet, you decide to fly 208579 hours with a temper tantruming tiny human.

I feel you! I have two toddlers. I can show you how to still live your best life in spite of your decision to fly with a toddler. I got you!

Our aim is to show where to save money on family travel without compromising on the enjoyment of travel, or the safety and health of your family.