Our Family Travel Blog

The family travel dream started in June 2016. We went to Penang with the entire family. To be completely honest the trip soon became a nightmare. The baby was teething full-time, the toddler got a terrible skin reaction and the eldest refused to eat anything except pancakes.

It made me realise, kids will be kids irrespective of location. Why should we stop traveling just because we have kids! It inspired me to stop putting off living my life. It also made me realise if we can still have a good time even with this drama, imagine how amazing it will be in the future.

I knew I could help other families with young kids to make their family travel more enjoyable! That is how Family Bites Travel was born.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace near Ubud. Bali with kids was our first trip together without Matt. We stayed for one month.

Not long after we returned from our trip from Penang we got news that rocked us to our foundations. It is a long and sad story that you can read about in my early blog posts. Long-story-short we were given a second chance at life, I was not going to live in the shadows anymore. I wanted to travel again, with our kids.

In October 2016 I was sick of the monotony of life so on a whim took the boys to Ubud in Bali for a month. It was hard doing it alone, but we survived. I knew I would be able to travel full-time with them. We returned to Perth, Australia for 2 days before going to Victoria, then Fiji, then back to Perth for 2-weeks.

Then in February 2017, I left Australia with the boys, indefinitely. Since then we have been to Malaysia, Maldives three times, Sri Lanka four times, India, Cambodia, and Thailand. We slow-travel and stay in each location for 2 months or as long as we can. We are most likely returning to Australia in May 2018. We will continue to travel, although it will not be full-time.