South Asia

Southern Asia is the road less travelled option when talking about travelling around Asia with kids. It should be on your ultimate travel bucket list.

Countries in this region include Sri Lanka and India. Sri Lanka is like the calmer cousin of India. It has amazing National Parks, beautiful beaches and the friendliest people. India is like nowhere else. It is loud, bright and unforgiving with the most delicious food. Or, if paradise is more your thing… Who can go past the Maldives? We went to the Maldives on a budget. You can do! Can you believe we stayed there for $25 per person on a local island! It is still blue hues and sugar white sands AND you get to see the real country. Bhutan is also in Southern Asia. A country who has a “gross national happiness” written in policy sounds like a utopia to me!

I would come before everyone else realises how wonderful this region of the world is!