Dream List (AKA The Ultimate Bucket List)

What is a bucket list?

I dislike the term “bucket list”. I have no issue with a list – I love lists! I have no problem with having travel plans – I have them! Many!! It is just premise of a list to complete before you die. Maybe it is my #FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) but here is the ultimate bucket list that I am calling my “To Do List”:

My Dream list (a.k.a. the ultimate bucket list)

  1. Orangutans in Borneo
  2. Camp at Jawai, India
  3. Okavango Delta in Botswana
  4. Stay in a Ger and visit the Reindeer people in Mongolia
  5. Trans-Siberian railway
  6. Pretend to be Charles Darwin in The Galapagos
  7. Gorilla trekking in Uganda
  8. Go to Wilpattu National Park
  9. Visit Jawai, India
  10. See wild Pandas in China
  11. See wild Snow monkeys in Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park
  12. Eat Pizza in Italy
  13. Road trip across the USA
  14. Volunteer in South Africa
  15. Live in Canada
  16. Experience the Peruvian Andes
  17. Go to Jaisalmer
  18. Go to India 
  19. See Kumbh Mela festival
  20. Trace our family history in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, Holland and Italy
  21. Visit all the Pacific Ocean Islands
  22. See sealife in Alaska
  23. South and Central America – FULL STOP!
  24. Travel to remote Indigenous communities in Australia 
  25. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef 
  26. Snorkel the Ningaloo Reef 
  27. Go to a Cat cafe in Taiwan
  28. Go to Broome and Darwin
  29. Travel around Australia in a campervan for a year or two
  30. Look at the beauty of The Sistine Chapel (Vatican City)
  31. Bike ride around Las Ramblas in Barcelona
  32. A hot air balloon over Cappadocia in Turkey
  33. Northern Lights in Norway & Iceland
  34. Visit Nepal
  35. Visit every Natural UNESCO World Heritage Site in the world.
  36. Hilltribe trek in Laos
  37. Go on a scooter in the Greek islands
  38. Train ride through Vietnam
  39. Go to Bulgaria, visit Brans castle and medieval Transylvania & Romania
  40. Go and live in Italy and learn Italian
  41. Set up a business to help village women become self-sufficient
  42. The Caribbean and The Bahamas
  43. A tour of Bhutan
  44. Drive a classic car in Cuba
  45. Go to Versailles in France
  46. Get pissed in Ireland
  47. See the Cherry Blossoms in Japan
  48. Explore Senegal
  49. Skiing in Bever (near Saint Moritz) – Switzerland
  50. Luxor and temples in Egypt
  51. Animal Birth Control clinics in Ooty, India & central Australia
  52. Cruise down the Nile, Egypt
  53. See a leopard, lion and cheetah in Serengeti National Park
  54. Experience Wildebeest Migration in Tanzania
  55. See wild African elephants in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania 
  56. Get a natural hot mud-bath in Fiji
  57. Visit Petra in Jordan
  58. Go to Micronesia and quote Zoolander
  59. Go to Uluru and not climb it
  60. Volunteer in Myanmar
  61. Pretend to be Borat in Kazakhstan
  62. Visit all the ‘stans
  63. See an ‘Angel of the Forest’ in Madagascar
  64. Volcanic spring swim in Bali
  65. Alcatraz in San Francisco
  66. See a Rhino in Ngorongoro Conservation Area
  67. Have a smoke and pancake in the Netherlands
  68. Embody Charles Darwin in Galapagos islands
  69. Motorhome around New Zealand
  70. Climb the Temples of Angkor
  71. Buy tiles and eat way too much in Morocco
  72. See the monolithic stone heads on Easter Island (Chile)
  73. Swim with a Humpback Whale in Tonga
  74. Have a Singapore Sling at Raffles
  75. Swim with a whale shark and Manta ray in the Maldives
  76. Taj Mahal
  77. Go to Uluru
  78. See a Manatee
  79. Buy material and go on a camel safari in Rajasthan
  80. Visit Madhya Pradesh and Kashmir
  81. Travel to every state and territory in Australia
  82. Find a Ganges dolphin
  83. Go to a taping of a TV show in LA
  84. Stay on an oversea villa on Bora Bora and Seychelles
  85. Visit Pig Island it the Bahamas
  86. Experience the medieval beauty and see Transylvania in Romania
  87. See all the baby crabs in Christmas Island
  88. See the Ballet and sing Kate Bush in Russia
  89. Have a white Christmas in Switzerland
  90. Have breakfast at Giraffe Manor, Nairobi
  91. Go on a cruise to Antartica
  92. Go to Soroca Moldova
  93. See the Seven Coloured Earths in Mauritius
  94. Western Europe
  95. Eastern Europe
  96. Snorkel in The Maldives 
  97. Go to all of Scandinavia
  98. See a pygmy possum in the wild
  99. Look for Rhinos in Namibia
  100. Drink and eat in Monaco
  101. The Caribbean and The Bahamas
  102. Learn about being happy in Bhutan
  103. Try to see a bear in Durmitor Montenegro
  104. Go camping in Sossusvlei, Namibia
  105. Go to the coral islands around Mozambique
  106. See primates in Borneo & Sumatra
  107. Drive a classic car in Cuba
  108. Visit museums in the Czech Republic
  109. Open an elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka
  110. See a sea turtle lay eggs 
  111. See baby sea turtles hatch